• Ethan Ostermeyer

10,000 a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

Last week I had an eye exam to make sure everything was 20/20. On my way out, I was asked by one of the assistants if I worked out and where. Always nice when people notice the hard work. This woman was assumed to be fairly out of shape, but she asked me if there was one thing I recommended she do every day physically to help improve her health. Normally I tell people to breathe better, nasal, conscious breathing patterns, etc. This time I said walk...everyday...10,000 steps. I instructed her to try and do it throughout the day and whatever she had left in her budget after a day of normal life to finish the remaining steps when she was done with work. Of course I added if she felt good enough to try and do it with her mouth closed. We’ll see how she's doing when I go pick up my glasses. Yes...I wear glasses. Well not in 10 years but my doctor said it's good to have a pair for when my contact gets knocked out in Jiu Jitsu and I have to drive home with one eye closed. Good times.

Lately I have been running EPS’ three days of strength training, Jiu Jitsu three times a week, and I was running a couple days on top of that. I definitely started to burnout, I wasn’t going to sacrifice my BJJ training or my strength training because let's face it that's the shit that keeps you out of bars and jail cells. BUT, I need my aerobic training. It's so important to understand without aerobic training your capacity for recurring threshold outputs(really hard bursts of energy while training) you become a one pump chump. So instead of running three days per week, and nothing crazy, maybe two 5ks and one 10k, I took my overweight dog out for a walk, strapped a heart monitor on with a 20lbs weighted vest and walked 5 miles through Burlingame State Park.

Come to find out the walk with the weighted vest kept me in a perfect Zone 2 aerobic state the ENTIRE time. I wasn’t beat up, my feet didn't hurt, my nervous system was at bay, and I used 550 calories.

If you are someone who gets a lot of steps in per day already, keep it up, it's doing a lot more for you then you probably know. Most people think they do walk a lot already but I would double check over the course of a week. Every Iphone has a built-in step counter, but you can also get a very small fitbit and see. 10,000 steps is about five miles give or take. If you don’t get at least 5000 per day now, I wouldn’t recommend trying to knock it all out in one shot. Build up to it and keep it brisk. If you are wearing a heart rate monitor and you see you are in Zone 1, that's ok for sure, maybe order a vest and give that a go.

People are always asking me ways to help lose weight, feel better breathing, and help with stress. I'd give this a try. Especially on days like Sunday when you're going to be a bum and watch football all day like me. If you are struggling to lose that remaining 5 to 10lbs and are willing to be consistent, walking will be an added benefit. The many other health benefits of walking are it helps improve the quality of your sleep, decrease anxiety and depression, lowers blood pressure, and helps stabilize glucose.

The smartest minds in this field all say the same thing. “More human

activities we participate in, the more we will slow down this awful disease of dysevolution.” Take control of your health, get out there and move.

Always sending strength,


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