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Don't Workout on Vacation.

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

" Vacations are for vacating your life, you shouldn't workout while your enjoying yourself." Man if I had a dollar every time I heard that bullshit.

Here's the truth and no its not an opinion. At some point in your "fitness journey" hopefully you'll reach a certain level of understanding that training is a part of your everyday life. And for good reason. Its the irrigation system of the brain, helps promote a healthy metabolism, gives you confidence, etc. So, if something makes you feel good why would you stop when your in a different location with all this free time?

Because sometimes people get so overloaded by their world around them, they actually need to press pause on everything and not keep pushing into the red zone. Now no one should ever tell you how to live your life because well its your life, do with it what you want. However, if you do feel as though you are one of those people that needs to only sit on a beach and get rubbed all day, eat junk food, and booze it up and not lift a finger to feel "less stressed," there are bigger problems in your life than training. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just four weeks out of the year when your 3000 miles away from home.

The key is balance. Every time me and my wife go away we get rubbed, we eat junk food, we also booze it up. But every morning we wake up in paradise we do something physical, maybe after a couple rounds of naked jiu jitsu and a shower, but we train in some way. Personally learning how to run is the best home gym you could ever invest in, because no matter where you are you can always run. You don't have to try and "KILL IT BRO" it can be the simplest of movement. A long morning walk, a hike, or even a simple yoga session to keep the joints smooth. But do something everyday. It all depends on who you are and what you know is best for you body. Our last vacation we went to Lake George, New York and here's what we did for training...

Wednesday (Travel Day) - My Wife did a simple 15 minute mobility routine, I did a kettlebell complex.

Thursday (First Full Day) - We ran a 10k together. Side note - I always tell her that we're only going for a 3 mile run, then she realizes I lied, then no more naked jiu jitsu.

Friday - NOT A DAMN THING, we rented a boat Thursday after the run, had some tequila, had some more tequila, and slept until 10am Saturday morning, YEPP thats right.

Saturday - One of us brought two kettlebells with us just incase. We did a total body kettlebell complex for about 20 total minutes, and about 15 minutes of mobility.

Sunday (Last Day)- I ran four miles alone because I must not tell Lies to my wife, I must not tell Lies to my wife, I must not tell Lies to my wife.

I believe I am talking to people who spend time and money on their health. To go away and let all that go to shit is a waste of time and money. No one is saying you need to contact the local micro gym and get your personal training sessions in every time you travel. Just do something, push-ups, air squats, sit-ups, run, walk, swim, bike, yoga whatever, just save the times when you need to be a couch potato on the things you cannot control in life. And if you need to take a days or two when you first arrive to decompress then do that, but get right back out on that horse. Its not just your looks that get affected, your body depends on your physical inputs no matter how small.

Hopefully this post gave you some perspective on what training on vacation could/should look like, while also making you laugh here and there. Life's too short, keep it simple stupid.



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