• Ethan Ostermeyer

This Lifestyle Isn't Easy.

Waking up at 4:45am. Not drinking when everyone else is slamming them. Skipping dessert. Running in the rain, running in the snow. Training hungover. Training on no sleep. Doing the 30 minutes of mobility at night instead of plopping on the couch, yes this is the time you said you didn’t have to give towards mobility. Showing up when battling an injury, or psychological issue. Fighting day in and day out. For what? To get better for what? To be a strong roofer, to be a quicker police officer? Na. You do this day in and day out because you can remember how it felt to be weak, or not confident, or out of shape versus who you are today.

I have been training people since I was 14 years old. Yes my friends, 14. At Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, New York, everyday I would get two egg sandwiches(New York Bagels are better than any bagel you’ve ever had, not open for discussion lol) and a fruit smoothie. The glory days of being a teenager. Caesar was the name of the man who worked the fruit smoothie station in the morning. Caesar says to me one day “How do you have muscles at 14 years old?” I told him because when I was 13 I got the living shit kicked out of me by an 18 year old in Dyker Park, I swore to myself that would never happen again. He says “Never let what happen to you again, getting beat up?” I replied “No, I will never again not have confidence in what I could or need to do physically or mentally so I started pushing my body everyday.” Caesar asked if I could show him some exercises that afternoon lol. I coached Caesar here and there over the course of my entire high school career. Since that 14 year old version of me, I always understood what it took to push myself or people that wanted to be pushed. Today at 30 years old, I can proudly say I am able to provide for a beautiful family because of that ability, and like to believe I have helped change the lives of many people.

Going from the little dirty gym in the basement of Xaverian, to building the proud walls of EPS, one thing's for certain. Living this lifestyle is HARD. And I mean really hard. The last thing you want to do when you feel sorry for yourself is get moving. When trying to lose weight the last thing you want to eat is another type of vegetable. And while I do agree, balance is everything. There are certain instances where the scale must be tipped. If you want change, you have to change. When you say you want to be durable, you must endure. When you want to become stronger, you have to suffer. That's how it goes, no matter how many of these fitness enthusiasts talk about 10 weeks until the new you nonsense, you have to know one thing. It takes a consistent lifetime effort to cause real change, and the only time it will become easier is when you finally realize it's not the end result that drives you, it is the process of doing each and every day that fulfills you.

You will be laughed at, mocked, shunned, and judged. People only criticize what they secretly want for themselves or what they don’t understand. But use that as fuel, week in and week out push yourself. It's not easy and never will be, but we're still here. Training isn’t a test of confidence, it's a test of will. Confidence is just the plus. It is a test of patience, and constant hard work. You can always tell when someone puts the time and effort into their training, you can't hide it. When the day comes that you “don’t feel like training” remember that the positive decision is directly behind the negative thought.

Stay Strong My Friends!

Coach E

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