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Private Training

EPS Athletes Private Training Program is the flag ship of EPS. When it comes to human individual performance training there is no better than one on one coaching. Each athletes receives their own FRA(Functional Range Assessment) All training is based off of the FRA - the specific needs of the individual. External training is based on specific task demands. We identify where capacities are lacking - which translates into specific tissue requirements, which leads to specific tissue training. Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend tennis warrior, or someone trying to build a better physical form to walk around in, our private training programs fit the NEEDS of any and all athletes. 

Ethan Ostermeyer's rates - $2000 for ten session minimal.

Rachel Calabrese's rates - $1000 for ten session minimal. 

(Please fill out "New Athlete Application" and "Sign Wavier Here" if interested in Private Program.)

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