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EPS' Coaches

The leaders of Strength and Conditioning.


Ethan Ostermeyer

Coach Ethan is the owner and head strength coach of EPS Athletes. Ethan has been studying sports science for over 15 years and has worked with every type of athlete. He currently trains multiple professional athletes and does consulting for several universities and high schools. Once a Division 1 football player, Professional power lifter, and currently a BJJ player and X-treme Sport athlete.

Michelle Ostermeyer

Coach Michelle is an owner and an assistant strength coach of EPS Athletes. Michelle has been coaching under the EPS flag since it's birth in 2014. She has worked with many young and female athletes. Once a Division 3 soccer player, and currently the most well rounded female athlete at EPS Athletes.


Rachel Calabrese

Coach Rachel is the EPS Athletes official Kinstretch coach and an assistant strength coach. She has been an EPS Athlete for 6 years and has made health and fitness her passion. Once a tiny snowboard instructor, now a leader of strength in every field.

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