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Science-based fitness training for prime performance. 

Enabling athletes and everyday people to crush goals, resist injury, move better, and expand their abilities.

At Elite Performance Systems (EPS), everyone is an athlete.

Make your body stronger, more capable, and more resilient—no matter your starting point—through our functional approach. 

Achieving your best health and performance starts with the joints. We use the science-backed Functional Range Systems methodology to improve mobility, control, strength, and injury mitigation and recovery. 


Make yourself a little more superhuman. Join our inclusive community of weekend warriors, college and pro athletes, retirees, and everyday people looking to improve their health.


Elise L.

“EPS has given me the structure and balance I never knew I needed. I’ve bounced around to different gyms and tried different workout routines but it often led to burnout or I couldn’t maintain the results and had extreme peaks and valleys. Rachel knows when to push me but also tells me to take a step back when needed. I’ve learned so much about listening to my body and I feel better both mentally and physically than I have in a long time."

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